Saturday, February 14, 2015

New costume project - Mr. Freeze

I know I haven't posted much in a long while.  I'm starting on a new costume project though, and because I could not find much help out there, thought I would document my progress to help anyone else make this rather obscure costume.

This new project is Mr. Freeze, in his bathrobe and slippers from the film Batman and Robin.

To start out, I purchased folk wear pattern 238 - Le Smoking jacket. I plan to lengthen this to make a full size robe.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Time for a face lift

I thought it was time to change things around. Time for a redesign and maybe I can remember to update once in a while.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Doll for Lily

Using up more odds and ends.  I made a doll for Lily as a thank you for being in my wedding.  The doll and shoes were bought from Michaels, the dress was custom made to resemble her flower girl dress.

The dress has an embroidered trim on the bodice with bead details.

Lily's Dress from David's Bridal: (the one on the right)

More Photos

Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 Project - Use up all the scraps

With moving things around, I have come to realize just how much fabric I have, which is a lot! I've decided to give myself a challenge and see just how much of the scraps I can use up this year.

Scrap Quilt
I've started to make squares for a scrap quit. Completely random. Hopefully it will turn out well. I've never actually finished a quit, we'll see if I can finish this one. So far, I've been cutting out the small squares. I need roughly 300 light and 300 dark. I've cut 57 so far, all dark from scraps of various fabrics. Most are from the costumes that I made for the kids for Halloween this last fall. It's not much, but it's a start.

Sewing Kit:

One of the things I desperately need is a good way to carry sewing tools with when we go to armor parties or troops, or anywhere else I need to bring things. I found a pattern for this awhile back. There is also a tote bag that goes with it which I hope to make sometime in the future.

It was pretty easy to assemble, and I had everything on hand. The pattern called for fusible fleece, but since I didn't know what that was, let alone have any, I substituted the fleece with quit batting that I had.

I later found out that fusible fleece is used in purses and bags as a stabilizer. Using the fleece would have probably made this a bit more sturdy, but it's working for what I wanted it for.

I also learned that it's not a good idea to use scotch tape on clear vinyl. The tape left a sticky reside. It's and even worse idea to use goo gone to remove the sticky mess. Should have read the label on the bottle first. Woops.

It turned out well and used up some fabric!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Bikerscout Flak Vest

I recently finished a Biker Scout Flak Vest for a garrison mate of mine.
The flack vest is worn over the flight suit and under the armor.